Message from the Chair
of Council



The Higher Education platform in South Africa has, in the last twenty years, been a sector which has seen remarkable renewal, redirection and growth. The 1997 White Paper on the transformation of higher education clearly established the fundamental principles of widening access to previously politically and geographically disadvantaged communities, achieving greater equity, efficiency and effectiveness within higher education institutions and deepening and entrenching collaboration within the sector.

This principle was rigorously followed in developing the foundation for facilitating the provision of higher education programmes in geographic areas which had previously not had the privilege of regional access to these institutions and the concept of National Institutions for Higher Education in Mpumalanga and the Northern Cape was established in 2003 and entrenched in 2006.

Thus began the development of a fundamental logic which had to ultimately result in allowing for the establishment of an institution of higher education in the Mpumalanga Province - a recognised and accredited seat of learning for the province and ultimately, for the country.

And so the University of Mpumalanga is proudly born - a university committed to the provision of a suite of focused programmes aimed solely at contributing in a massive sense to the enhancement of skills and learning - to local, regional, provincial and national excellence in areas which add significant value to our people and our society.

A university that will encompass and capture our singular uniqueness in the creation of sustainable environments that make sense to us all.

This is our vision and our reality.

Message from the


Prof Thoko Mayekiso

Welcome to the University of Mpumalanga, one of the South African new universities.  The University of Mpumalanga was established in 2013 and aims to be a university of opportunity for students from diverse background.

As a comprehensive institution, we will offer a diverse range of academic programmes from higher certificates to doctoral degrees with excellent articulation possibilities. Our programme offerings will include Science, Engineering and Technology (SET), Humanities and Social Sciences, Business and Economic Sciences and Health Sciences. We will offer career-oriented, professional and general formative qualifications to enhance the employability of our graduates. We will foster creativity and entrepreneurial spirit among our students.

As part of our pursuit for excellence, we will inculcate values of leadership, service, rigour, relevance and integrity in our students and staff. We will be guided by the principle of access for success to foster a positive learning experience and outcome for our students. Additionally, our students will be introduced to diverse knowledge traditions, world views and cultural values including indigenous knowledge grounded in the African context.  Our teaching philosophy will be informed by humanizing pedagogies to prepare our students for the ever-changing and dynamic world in which they find themselves. We will create and maintain a conducive and enabling teaching and research environment to conduct high-quality teaching and high impact research and scholarship. This will be achieved through collaboration with strategic partners locally, nationally and internationally.

I warmly welcome our new and continuing students, our academic and support staff and commend you for being part of the university’s formative stages of development.

Thank you for choosing to be part of our remarkable journey.