Strategic Priorities

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In 2015, the University completed the drafting of its first Strategic plan: UMP 2022, A Seven Year Strategic Plan for the University of Mpumalanga. The Strategic Plan was developed through a broad consultative process which allowed for contributions from a variety of internal and external stakeholders. UMP 2022 clearly defines the University’s roles and functions for the seven year period and which strategic priorities will be pursued. 

The goals and ideals captured in the vision and mission, and graduate attributes are being achieved through targeted and systematically planned interventions in eight strategic priority areas which are identified in UMP 2022.
  • Strategic Area 1:
    Governance and Strategic Leadership and Management

  • Establish an overall institutional environment supporting good governance strategic leadership and management.
  • Strategic Area 2:
    Research and Knowledge Generation

  • Establish an institutional environment conducive to high impact scholarship, research and innovation.
  • Strategic Area 3:
    Teaching and Learning

  • Establish a set of high quality, relevant and responsive academic programmes which deliver the University’s graduate attributes.
  • Strategic Area 4:
    Planning and Institutional Support

  • Establish iconic infrastructure, quality estate and other support services and effective systems and processes aligned with the institution’s strategic direction and which contribute to an inspiring and conducive academic and working environment. Establish integrated institutional planning systems and institutional support systems and services advancing the institution’s overall strategic and operational goals.
  • Strategic Area 5:
    Quality Student Experience

  • Provide a student centred support system for the holistic development of students.
  • Strategic Area 6:
    Engagement and Partnerships

  • To establish the pursuance of collaborative engagement and partnerships as a prevailing institutional practice.
  • Strategic Area 7: 

  • To establish UMP’s financial sustainability and sound financial management and control systems.
  • Strategic Area 8:
    Human Resources

  • To promote an enabling HR environment that enhances performance.