Advanced Diploma in Agriculture in Post Harvest Technology

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Dr Obiro C Wokadala

Programme Description

The programme aims to maintain quality of agricultural produce throughout the value chain, i.e., after harvest, at packing, transporting, processing and marketing. Therefore, this curriculum will introduce students to basic and advanced principles and methods of quality preservation and agro-processing of meat products, fruits, vegetables and ornamental crops. In addition, the curriculum will explore issues of international trade and quality assurance. Moreover, our post-harvest experiential learning module will expose the students to project management skills in real-time. Currently, no other South African university offers a specific programme on post-harvest handling and agro-processing. Based on this fact, the University of Mpumalanga’s Advanced Diploma in Agriculture in Post-Harvest Technology offers a new and exciting opportunity for students, government, private businesses, small-scale farmers and the civil society. Other specific objectives of the programme include:      

  • Understand and apply effective Post Harvest Management in a business setting, the principles of  postharvest technology including sanitation and quality assurance, product traceability, cold chain management, food safety and spoilage
  • Understand and apply effective effective pack-house management, supply chain management and international marketing
  • Understand and apply effective produce postharvest technologists specifically qualified to provide management expertise in postharvest handling, packing, distribution and marketing of agricultural produce
  • Understand and apply the concepts, methods and tools of strategic management
  • Understand and apply effective planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of projects relevant to agricultural development (along the entire value chain)
  • Applying post-harvest management concepts, principles, methods and tools in a real-world post-harvest management setting

Admission Requirements

NQF level 6: Diploma or Bachelor degree in Agriculture or related field.

Curriculum Structure

Code Name Semester Credits NQF Level
PHTC471 Effective Post Harvest Management 1 30 7
PHTC472 Post-Harvest Processing and Engineering 2 30 7
MGMT471 Strategic Management 1 15 7
MGMT472 Principles and Practices of Management for Development 1 15 7
PHTC473 Post-Harvest Experiential Learning 1 and 2 30 7


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