Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

Ms Mumsy Chibe

Programme Description

The aim of the qualification is to develop the student's applied and cognitive competencies in the acquisition, interpretation, understanding and applications of hospitality management principles. The student will be able to analyze and explain strategic and operational decisions in the context of the hospitality and/or tourism industry and to assess and interpret the external impact of decisions. The student will also be able to reflect on their managerial decisions and applications to assess the effect thereof in the holistic context of hospitality management.

Upon completion of this qualification, graduates will be able to:  
  • Evaluate the theoretical concepts/frameworks used in understanding strategy, including the traditional perspective, the resource - based view, and the stakeholder view. 
  • Reflect and review theoretical concepts/frameworks used in strategy formulation at the corporate, business, and functional levels.
  • Independently apply theoretical knowledge of the value chain and create an industry or subindustry value chain. 
  • Critically analyse and address the business - level strategies of hospitality organizations by determining if it is a cost leader, differentiator, or best value and whether it addresses a broad or narrow market focus; 
  • Critically analyse and solve problems based on evaluation and synthesis within a work environment or a simulation of a practical situation; 
  • Conceptualise identify and define the problem to be explored and the work to be completed, thus learning from the experience rather than using passive learning methods; 
  • Critically apply academic knowledge in the investigation of a business problem or issue; 
  • Plan the research methods.


Admission Requirements

  • A three-year Diploma in Hospitality Management or any other hospitality related qualification at NQF level 6;

Career Opportunities

An Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management will open doors to worldwide career opportunities for students to be hotel managers, front-office managers, banqueting managers, food and beverage managers, restaurateurs, cruise ships, caterers, entrepreneurs, guest-house managers or owners, coffee shop managers or owners and academics.


1 years (Full time)



Curriculum Structure

Hospitality Financial Management 4A HFM401 15 1 None None
Hospitality Industry Law 3A HIL401 15 1 None None
Hospitality Management 4A HOM401 15 1 None None
Hotel Research Methodology and Project 1A HRMY401 15 1 None None
Hospitality Financial Management 4B HFM402 15 2 None None
Hospitality Industry Law 3B HIL402 15 2 None None
Hospitality Management 4B HOM402 15 2 None None
Hotel Research Methodology and Project 1B HRMY403 15 2 None None
TOTAL CREDITS   120      

Tuition Fee Structure: 2020

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management
Year R32 363

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