Diploma in ICT in Applications Development

Prof Billy Kalema
Programme Leader


Programme Description 

The aim/focus of the Diploma in Information and Communication Technology in Applications Development is to provide learners with a career-focused professional qualification, featuring industry referenced knowledge in terms of technological competences and soft skills. Students will be knowledgeable and competent in the discourse and practice of the ICT discipline. They will also have specialist knowledge of computer applications development and will be subjected to a range of professional, entrepreneurial and personal development initiatives relevant to the ICT industry and lifelong learning.

Upon completion of this qualification, graduates will be able to:  
  • Analyse and design software solutions to industry related information technology (IT) problems.
  • Utilise the required technical skills to effectively implement the designed solutions in a distributed IT environment.
  • Utilise the required technical skills to design and implement solutions in data communications, networks and the internet environment.
  • Demonstrate the effective utilisation of business and management skills to bridge the gap between the IT discipline and the business functional areas in industry.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use hardware to its full potential by understanding the technical operation of hardware.
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide support services.


Admission Requirements

  • Candidates should have a matric certificate with a Diploma endorsement and meeting the minimum admission requirements of a Level 4 (50 %+) in English Home Language as well as a Level 4 (50%) in Mathematics.
  • One additional language
  • Any other four modules
  • Minimum APS scores of 24 or more.

Career Opportunities

The graduate is equipped with diverse skills such as systems analysis, systems development, entrepreneurial, project management and soft skills.

Curriculum Structure

Module Name Module Code Credits Semester Co-Requisites Pre-Requisite
Communication Network Foundations 1A CNF101 10 1 None None
Application Development Foundations 1A ADF101 10 1 None None
Information Systems 1 ADS100 10 1 None None
ICT Fundamentals ICT100 15 1 None None
Multimedia Foundations 1A MMF101 10 1 None None
Professional Communication 1 COM100 10 1 None None
Communication Network Foundations 1B CNF102 10 2 CNF101 None
Multimedia Foundations 1B MMF102 10 2 MMF101 None
Programming 1 PRG100 15 2 None None
Application Development Foundations 1B ADF102 10 2 ADF101 None
Business Practice BUS100 10 2 None None
TOTAL   120      
YEAR 2    
Application Development 2A APD201 15 1 ADF101, ADF102 None
Information Management INF200 15 1 None None
ICT Electives ITE200 10 1 None None
Project 2A PRJ20A 10 1 None None
Information Systems ADS200 10 1 None ADS100
Application Development 2B APD202 15 2 None APD20
Communication Network Fundamentals ECN200 10 2 None CNF101, CNF102
Project 2B PRJ20B 15 2 PRJ20A None
Multimedia Fundamentals 2 FMM200 10 2 MMF101, MMF102 None
Professional Communication 2 COM200 10 2 COM100 None
TOTAL   120      
YEAR 3    
Application Development  3A APD301 15 1 APD201, APD202  
Professional Practice PRP300 10 1 None None
Information Systems 3A ADS301 15 1 ADS201, ADS202 None
Professional Communication 3 COM300 10 1 COM200 None
Application Development  3B APD302 15 2 APD201, APD202 None
Information Systems 3B ADS302 15 2 ADS201, ADS202 ADS301
IT Electives ITE300 10 2 None None
Project 3 PRJ300 30 1,2 APD201, APD202 None
TOTAL    120      

Tuition Fee Structure: 2020

Diploma in Information and Communication Technology in Applications Development
Year Amount
First Year R24 000.00
Second Year R29 127.00
Third Year R31 885.00

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