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The Living and Learning Programme is an umbrella term for all the residential communities available on campus. Living and Learning Programmes provide residents with a unique, inclusive residential learning experience that takes education outside of the classroom and allow students to learn where they live alongside with other students with similar academic interests and values. Students live, learn, study and get to know each other.  
  • The programmes developed in the Residences assist to

  • Build strong friendships with peers.
  • Learn academic success skills and strategies.
  • Gain an increased knowledge about major and career options.
  • Form study groups and share learning experiences.
  • Participate in in-house edutainment activities.
  • Get support from a dedicated Student Academic Mentor (SAM).
  • Living and Learning programmes developed for students

  • Business and corporate seminars;
  • CV writing, study and interview skills;
  • Debate sessions;
  • Fun walks;
  • Love my Campus (GCI);
  • LGBTI-Q;
  • Gender-Based Violence Awareness and Prevention;
  • Leadership empowerment seminars;
  • Woman empowerment seminars;
  • Men’s Imbizo;
  • Indigenous games;
  • Health and Wellness;
  • Sport activities; and many more.

UMP has student assistants in the residences, known as Residence Student Assistants (RSAs) appointed by Student Housing, and Floor Representatives that are normally elected by their floor peers.  


Residence Student Assistants (RSAs):

Residence Student Assistants (RSAs) are post-graduate resident students who serve as a resource to help resident students navigate the campus and be successful in and out of the classroom. RSAs also work with residents to create a respectful, inclusive community within the residences by facilitating social and educational programming efforts, assisting students in resolving conflicts, and serving as student community role models. The function of the RSA is regulated by a contract of employment and a clearly outlined job description.  

Floor Representatives (FRs):

Floor Representatives (FRs) are under graduate students who volunteer to be elected by the floor residing students to represent their peers. FRs assist RSAs in fulfilling their duties and handle most of the menial duties such as distributing tissue to residents, monthly room inventory inspections, report maintenance issues, maintain low noise levels, etc.  

Fun Day

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Gender-Based Violence

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Student Corporate Seminar

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RSA Training

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