Postgraduate Diploma in Agriculture

Programme Description

The Postgraduate Diploma in Agriculture seeks to strengthen and deepen students’ theoretical knowledge required to work effectively and efficiently in the agricultural industry. Its primary purpose is to enable working professionals and registered students to undertake advanced reflection and developmental study in the field of agriculture. It will equip candidates with the required skills to actively interact and engage with peers, clients and other important role players within the agricultural food value chain, and be able to make research-based decisions for addressing agricultural production challenges within the complex world of agricultural and rural transformation. The programme includes the development of broader competencies such as leadership, writing and communication, intellectual independence, skill acquisition on the use of technology innovation as part of their learning tools, problem solving, honesty and integrity. Ultimately, it prepares graduate for further study and research in various agricultural disciplines including crop production, animal and crop product processing, extension and postharvest processing.
Prof Funso Kutu

Admission Requirements: 

The minimum entrance requirements are:
An Advanced Diploma in Agriculture or Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture at NQF level 7. An aggregate of 60% for the level 7 agriculture modules.

Curriculum Structure:

The Postgraduate Diploma in Agriculture comprises of four separate streams each with eight modules. There are three compulsory modules and students will select five additional elective modules depending on their stream of study in the programme.
Module code Module Codes and Description
Credits Semester NQF Level Core/
  Core modules        
PGAG570 Agricultural Research Report (project) 30 1 & 2 8 C
PGAG502: Statistics and Data analysis 15 2 8 C
PGAG503 Special Topics in Agriculture 15 1 8 C
Total credits for core modules 60      
Students will select one stream and then take all modules from the stream      
Stream 1: Crop production        
PGAG504 Advanced field and Horticultural Crop Production 12 2 8 E
PGAG505 Project Evaluation and Appraisal 12 1 8 E
PGAG506 Seed Science and Technology 12 2 8 E
PGAG507 Soil-Plant-Water Relation & Irrigation Management 12 1 8 E
PGAG508 Crop Production Economics and Risk Management 12 2 8 E
Total credits for stream 60      
Stream 2: Animal Products and Processing        
PGAG509 Meat Science 12 1 8 E
PGAG510 Animal Food Microbiology 12 2 8 E
PGAG511 Processed Animal Products 12 2 8 E
PGAG512 Animal Food Safety 12 2 8 E
PGAG513 Analysis of Animal Products 12 1 8 E
Total credits for stream 60      
Stream 3: Post harvest technology        
PGAG514 Food Chemistry and Physiology 12 2 8 E
PGAG515 Biology of postharvest development, Ripening and Deterioration 12 1 8 E
PGAG516 Plant Food Quality Control and Management 12 2 8 E
PGAG517 Postharvest Engineering and Agro-processing 12 1 8 E
PGAG518 Postharvest Handling and Sanitation 12 2 8 E
Total credits for stream 60      
Stream 4: Agricultural extension        
PGAG519 Agricultural Policy Analysis and Food Security 12 1 8 E
PGAG520 Advanced Philosophy & Principles of Agricultural Extension 12 2 8 E
PGAG521 Advanced Development Theories in Agricultural Extension 12 1 8 E
PGAG522 Applied Extension Management and Communication in Rural Context 12 2 8 E
PGAG523 Designing Practical Extension Programmes and Projects for Rural Development 12 1 8 E
Total credits for stream 60      
Total credits for Postgraduate Diploma 120      

Career Opportunities:

Graduates from the programme will be prepared to continue to further Postgraduate studies at UMP or another university or enter the workplace. Employment opportunities for graduates from the programme will include private farms, National and Provincial departments, Agricultural training and research Institutions including agricultural commodity organizations, and non-governmental or non-profit organizations. Graduates may also continue to Master’s degree in the area of specialization of the Postgraduate Diploma.