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UMP Sport and Recreation is committed to provide an environment that allows students to have a vibrant student life through sporting and recreational activities. This is done through a number of sporting codes and recreational activities in both campuses of the University. The provision of sporting codes is primarily for recreational purposes, but students who show competitive performance can be supported to move to the next level of competitive sport. 

UMP Sport offers a home for dedicated sport people but also creates an atmosphere for students to participate in a fun-filled and secure environment with assistance and commitment of Sport and Recreational Officers in both campuses. UMP currently has the following sporting codes in existence, Athletics, Football (males and females), Netball, Volleyball (males and females), Basketball, Supa-Pool, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby and Chess. Students are continuously encouraged to participate in sporting activities and also towards the introduction of new sporting codes. The promotion of recreational activities includes indigenous games such as incuva, kgati, morabaraba, and diketo.

Our teams are members of the different sports federations and participate in the various leagues, local, district and provincial. The University is also part of Universities Sports South Africa (USSA) and participate in the various USSA Tournaments throughout the year.

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