Advanced Diploma in ICT in Applications Development

Prof Billy Kalema

Programme Leader

Programme Description

The purpose of this qualification (Advanced Diploma ICT in Applications Development) is to provide learners with a career-focused professional qualification featuring advanced industry referenced computing knowledge, technological competencies and soft skills. Students will be knowledgeable and competent in the discourse and practice of the ICT discipline.  Students will also have advanced specialist knowledge of computer applications development. This will involve effective application development skills in the creation of software applications that are critical for organisational competitiveness in the fourth industrial revolution.

Upon completion of this qualification, graduates will have an ability to:
  • Develop ICT solutions that are aligned to the business strategies.
  • Analyse a problem and identify and define the technology requirements appropriate to its solution.
  • Develop applied and cognitive competences in the acquisition, interpretation and application of ICT principles.
  • Apply knowledge of technology appropriate to the discipline.
  • Design, implement and evaluate an applications development system, process, component and program to meet desired needs.
  • Function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal.
  • Understand professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities.
  • Communicate effectively with a range of audiences.
  • Analyse the local and global impact of ICT on individuals, organizations, and society.
  • Use and apply current technical concepts and practices in the creation of information technology solutions.
  • Understand best practices and standards and their application in applications development.


Admission Requirements:

  • Candidates should obtain a Diploma in Information and Communication Technology or any other  relevant Diploma in ICT with an average of 60% in exit modules;
  • Candidates should have Information Systems and Application Development (Programming) as core modules of their qualification.

Modules Structure of the Program: Advanced DIP ICT-Applications Development

Module Name Module Code Semester Credits
Advanced Database IV ADBS401 1 15
Advanced Applications Development ADPV401 1 15
Human Computer Interaction HMCI402 2 10
Research Methodology RSMT401 1 20
Emerging Technologies EMTC402 2 15
Cyber Security CYBS402 2 15
Project IV PRJT400 1 and 2 30

Tuition Structure: 2020

Advanced Diploma in Information and Communication Technology in Applications Development
Year R41 885, 00

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