Higher Certificate in Event Management

Programme Description

The purpose of the Higher Certificate in Events Management is to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes required of an event manager. Through the provision of academic and simulated work-integrated learning opportunities the programme equips graduates with the appropriate foundational knowledge and understanding of the general principles related to the event management field. Graduates acquire the competencies required to fulfil a variety of entry level roles in the Events, Conferencing, Tourism and Hospitality sectors.

Upon completion of this qualification, graduates will be able to: 
  • plan, design, coordinate and execute a broad range of events in Hospitality and Tourism industry.
  • demonstrate understanding of the critical role of service excellence as a differentiator in the success of a business and a driver of competitive advantage
  • effectively use technology (customer service software) that enables the automation of mechanical tasks like ticketing and frees time for them to focus on serving customers with excellence
  • demonstrate an understanding of events from a destination perspective within the tourism and hospitality context using Leiper’s model of the Tourism System
  • demonstrate the uses/importance of both the value-chain approach and network analysis of events and ensure participation, especially of hosting communities to support inclusivity and value chain transformation using Leiper’s model of the Tourism System
  • start their event management businesses and become entrepreneurs.

Admission Requirements:

National Senior Certificate:
  • Diploma/Higher Certificate Endorsement
  • Minimum Admission Point Score: 19 with Mathematics or 21 with Mathematical Literacy or Technical Mathematics
  • Mathematics Level 2 or Mathematical Literacy Level 4 or Technical Mathematics
  • English Language (Home or First Additional Language): Level 4
  • Any three Additional vocational Subjects: Level 2 National Certificate (Vocational):
  • Recommended subject(s): Business Studies, Hospitality Studies, and Tourism Discipline: Level 4
  • It is possible in some cases, to gain entry into the programme on the basis of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Career Opportunities:

Graduates will be able to enter the workplace in roles such as event co-ordinator, event manager, event project manager, conference organiser, assistant venue manager, and many others.

Curriculum Structure:

Communication Skills for Event Management EUC101 10 1 None None
Event Coordination and Management 101 EVCM 101 15 1 None None
Event Marketing and Public relations 101 EMPR 101 15 1 None None
An introduction to Entrepreneurship ENTR 101 15 1 None None
Service Excellence HSE 101 10 1 None None
Simulated Work Experience SWE 102 30 2 None Event Coordination and Management 102
Computing skills for Event Managers EUC102 10 2 None  
Event Coordination and Management 102 EVCM 102 15 2 None Simulated Work Experience