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The world today requires people who are grounded and resilient through aligning their personal values to work values. As much as the 21st Century has brought many opportunities to our lives, it is also noted that these opportunities have affected us differently, some positively and some negatively. An alignment of our personal values with our work values is needed for us to be resilient. Values are the collective conceptions of what is considered good or bad, desirable, or undesirable and proper or improper in a culture. They drive the way we influence, how we interact with each other and how we work together to achieve results.
Most organisations, if not all, create their core values to live by and with which they continuously improve their work environment. The University of Mpumalanga, likewise, developed seven core values for its community to live by. These are: Excellence, Integrity, Diversity, Collaboration, Adaptability, Relevance, and Inspiration. These values drive the culture of UMP. Those who actively fulfil the brand of UMP promise through embracing and living the UMP values are the true brand ambassadors.

UMP Values in Siyabuswa Campus


UMP Values in Mbombela Campus (Building 13)


UMP Values in Mbombela Campus (N4 Walkway)


UMP Values

  • Excellence

  • The University commits itself to uphold the highest standards of excellence in all its actions, functions and services.
  • Integrity

  • At all times and in all situations the actions and interactions of the University will be characterised by undeviating honesty, by utmost fairness, caring for one another as fellow human beings, and treating one another with the utmost respect.
  • Diversity

  • Diversity is valued and celebrated in unlocking a range of interactions, and enhancing exposure to a wide variety of diverse cultures, backgrounds, views and opinions.
  • Collaboration

  • As an engaged institution UMP will actively seek out opportunities for collaboration with all its stakeholders in maximising the development of human potential and socio-economic development.
  • Adaptability

  • UMP acknowledges our ever changing knowledge contexts, institutional environments, and social situations and therefore the need to promote and foster adaptability.
  • Relevance

  • UMP endorses the need for its academic programmes, research activities, and engagement projects to respond to its context.
  • Inspiration

  • UMP values inspiration that allows and encourages others to be more and do more than what at first seems possible.