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UMP recognizes the performance and contributions made by students to the University. The recognition gets done through awarding those students who have excelled in their activities.

The following awards are in place at UMP:

  • Excellence in Co-Curricular Activities Awards

  • The University recognizes students who have excelled in co-curricular activities during the year. The University hosts a prestigious Co-Curricular Awards Gala Dinner to recognize and awards the top achievers in co-curricular activities. This annual ceremony was held for the first time in 2016. Students receive certificates for their exceptional achievement in different categories identified for that particular year, such as Sportswoman of the Year; Sportsman of the Year; Sports Team of the Year (females); Sports Team of the Year (males); Society of the Year; House Committee Member of the Year; Residence of the Year; SRC member of the Year and the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Leadership presented to two students, one being female and the other male.
  • Vice Chancellor Scholarship

  • The Vice Chancellor Scholarship recipients attend leadership and personal development training programmes during the year as part of the scholarship. The students then get awarded certificates for their attendance and participation in the programmes. The students receive their awards during the Co-Curricular Awards Gala Dinner.


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