Master of Administration (MADMIN)

Programme Description

The Master of Administration (MADMIN) programme was introduced in 2024. The MADMIN is a 180-credit and NQF exit-level 9 qualification. It allows students to undertake independent and original research in Public Administration and Management and related fields, under the guidance of an experienced supervisor. This is a masters by research implying that students spend 100% of their time conducting independent, self-directed but supervised research. This supervision is provided through direct contact between the student and the supervisor. As such, students will not attend lectures or tutorials.
The purpose of the MADMIN programme is to equip students with advanced research skills in Public Administration and related fields. This enables them to meaningfully contribute to the development of knowledge of statecraft. The programme further aims to contribute to the graduate employability strategy by producing graduates who are capable of conducting independent research and analysis, critical and innovative thinking as well as implementation and transfer of lifelong learning skills to other students, the community, and the public sector as a whole.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements for admission into the MADMIN programme are:
  • Bachelor of Administration (Honours) at NQF level 8 in Public Administration and Management or related field, with a weighted cumulative average pass of at least 60% OR,
  • Postgraduate Diploma at NQF level 8 in Public Administration and Management or related field, with a weighted cumulative average pass of at least 60%.
  • Admission to the MADMIN programme is subject to staff capacity, availability of resources within the department as well as academic merit of the potential candidate. As staff capacity and resources can fluctuate from year to year, the number of students selected can also differ from year to year. Should the number of applicants that meet the admission requirements exceed the available capacity of the department, the following criteria will be used to finalize the list of selected applicants:
  • The choice of a field of study or topic in which adequate expertise and capacity exists in the department to be able to offer supervision.
  • Submission of credible research proposal
  • Demonstrated capability of the candidate to complete a postgraduate study, as assessed by the department.

Curriculum Structure

Module name Module code Duration of study Credits
Research thesis MADM900 1 – 2 years. 180

Career Opportunities/Articulation

Upon successful completion of the Master of Administration programme, students will be able to continue into a PhD programme in Public Administration and related fields. Career opportunities include but are not restricted to Researchers, Managers in Public institutions, Policy Analysts, and Project managers, just to name a few.


Dr Rasodi K Manyaka
Tel: 013 002 0136