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Welcome Message from the Dean of Students

Paul-Maminza-Dean-of-Students.jpgDr Paul Maminza
We have commenced with the 2023 academic year at the University of Mpumalanga (UMP). I want to take this opportunity and welcome all our students, both new and returning. Welcome to the University of Mpumalanga, our UMP. Whether you are a new or returning student you are an important part of our Student Affairs family.
I am privileged and honoured, as the Dean of the Division to Students, to lead a dedicated team of colleagues in the Student Affairs Division who are ready to serve you. We commit to focus our energy on creating a healthy, safe, inclusive and vibrant environment to offer each and every student of our University a quality student life experience. We commit our energy to create opportunities where, as students in our care, you can maximise your personal potential while pursuing your educational dreams.

The University of Mpumalanga is an amazing institution with so much to offer. Take time, explore and embrace the rich opportunities that our young University seeks to present to you. The Student Affairs Division promises to provide support from academic support programmes, living and learning activities, to co-curricular and personal development programmes to students.
Our Division is responsible for Student Housing; Student Health Services; Student Governance and Development as well as Sports and Recreation. We are committed to the provision of an environment that is conducive for the holistic development of students. As such we have, consciously, taken a decision to be a student centred Division that provides appropriate student accommodation; an effective student governance system; vibrant sports and recreation services; and student-centred health and wellness services. All these are provided through a team of dedicated staff members in the Student Affairs Division at UMP.
There are those students who were not able to get accommodation on Campus and have found accommodation in the accredited private accommodation in and around town. I want to make a special call to you all to give us feedback on your experiences in the accredited private accommodation facilities. The feedback will assist us when we engage with the landlords of the accredited private facilities.     

As a student of UMP you should always know that, we are here for you and we are readily available to assist and support you. Therefore, call on us should you need assistance or encounter any unexpected obstacle along the way. It's our responsibility to help you to experience a memorable period during your stay at UMP. I invite you to read more about our Division and the available services that we have for our students.  
Best wishes for the 2023 academic year and may you have an amazing UMP Experience.

Dr Paul Maminza
Dean of Students