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Research capacity development involves identification and development of staff for both teaching and learning and research as major projects to be prioritised by UMP. This is with the understanding that the skills developed by a researcher are similar in many ways to the skills used to prepare and present lectures.

Researchers enrolled in postgraduate studies are motivated by creating an environment that fosters research quality and productivity in the various research disciplines. Apart from registering for postgraduate studies, they are provided various training courses such as proposal writing, writing for scholarly publishing, writing retreats, mentorship programmes, methods and methodology with data analyses training as well as seminar workshops.  

We offer national and international conference attendance, research support where staff are able to apply for research funding, publication fees, opportunities to have national and international research partnerships and research outputs. Financial support is sourced nationally and internationally to assist our staff who are studying away from Mpumalanga.

Research Capacity Development:

  • Mentorship

  • The emerging researchers work hard to become established researchers through the help of established researchers within and outside UMP. They are mentored by established researchers and retired professors in their respective disciplines.
  • Research Seminars

  • Institutional seminars are presented by international and national scholars on various subjects of interest to our academics. These include Faculty and institutional Seminars. 
  • Research Community of Practice

  • Presentations on various subjects and in various formats are made weekly by staff of UMP including visiting scholars and sometimes invited guests for specific subjects such as analysis of the national Budget Speech by National Treasury.
  • Writing Retreats

  • These are organised in January and July to create space for researchers who need to complete their research manuscripts that are almost ready for publication in accredited journals. The retreats are held outside the university premises and facilitated by senior professors. 
  • Public Lectures

  • Eminent national and international scholars, for the benefit of both the university community and local community, present UMP Public Lectures. At least 4 Public Lectures are held yearly. For example, the Archbishop Thabo Makgoba Development Trust Lecture holds every October. 
  • Mobility Fund

  • UMP set a target of encouraging its academic staff to register for postgraduate studies at institutions of higher learning in South Africa. The staff are assisted by the university to meet with their research supervisors.
  • Research Proposal Writing Workshops

  • Staff registered for postgraduate studies are provided encouraged to attend Research Proposal writing workshops to speed up acceptance and registration for their postgraduate studies.
  • Training

  • Training in Research Methods, Methodology and Data Analyses, Research Ethics as well as Scholarly writing for publications. 
  • Institutional Research Themes Workshops

  • UMP has identified 7 Institutional Research Themes and staff are encouraged to research within these Themes to encourage team work and multidisciplinary research. Theme Drivers report work done during these workshops and new researchers are encouraged to join the teams


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