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The University of Mpumalanga is committed to the holistic development of students which entails the ways in which students should progress, grow, and also increase their developmental capabilities during their stay and study at the University of Mpumalanga.

The Student Development Office is responsible for the provision of student development programmes, projects and activities. Students establish student clubs, societies, entertainment groups, etc. where they showcase their talent as well as get involved in community outreach projects. The Student Development Officers (SDOs) are readily available to work with and assist students towards their personal development interests. The focus of the SDOs is to support and assist students towards achieving both their academic and personal development so that when they graduate from UMP, they are responsible, responsive and active citizens of our country and the world. This the SDOs execute through, among others, the following core functions:
  • Provide programs that promote and encourage personal growth, address the needs of students, and compliment their academic experience.
  • Assist students in their transition to the University life.
  • Coordinate, support and advise the development for growth of Student Societies.
  • Train students and student leaders to become effective leaders and prepare them for leadership roles in their communities.
  • Foster an active and comprehensive campus experience through encouraging and supporting students to be active in student activities.
There are a number of Student Societies at the University of Mpumalanga. Membership to the Student Societies is voluntary and free. Students accrue a whole range of benefits from participating in Student Societies. The benefits include, among others, acquiring the following set of skills:

  • Communication
  • Goal setting
  • Interpersonal
  • Team dynamics
  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Work ethics

  • Public speaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Report writing