Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies

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Programme Description

The purpose of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Development Studies at the University of Mpumalanga is to prepare Doctoral students/candidates for an academic career in development and associated fields by undertaking research at the most advanced academic level culminating in submission of a thesis. The PhD in Development Studies at the University of Mpumalanga is by research. A distinguishing trait will be the capacity for substantial independent scholarly research whereby a candidate will be expected to make significant scientific contribution to the field of Development Studies that will be judged by independent experts applying contemporary standards of the discipline.

On completion of the PhD in Development Studies, students/candidates will be able to undertake research at the most advanced level and report on this to reflect independent thinking, originality, critical analysis, theorisation, ability to defend findings and advanced insight into the chosen field of research; generate knowledge and contribute to a wider discourse and debates around theories of knowledge and processes of knowledge generation in the field of study; demonstrate critical understanding of the most advanced methodologies, techniques and specialist knowledge through application of knowledge, theory and methodologies to complex practical, theoretical and epistemological problems as well as contribute to the better of society. Students/candidates will manage, collate, critically evaluate, and synthesise information from a range of sources as relevant to the field of specialisation in Development Studies; produce and present a thesis, which meets international standards of scholarly writing; use a wide range of appropriate knowledge and skills to identify a problem, conceptualize research questions, design and independently undertake a research project to address the problem; identify any ethical issues related to the research and field of study and practically observe and apply ethical considerations in the research undertaken; have responsible and effective personal organization skills, work independently and incorporate feedback into one's work; and work independently and take full responsibility for allocated resources amongst others.

Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies is a minimum of two-years (Fulltime) and three years (Part-time) qualification with a total credit of 360. Candidates/students would be expected to publish at least one article based on the thesis research to graduate.

Admission Minimum Requirements

 To qualify for admission, you need to meet the following criteria:
  • Hold a Master’s degree in development studies or any relevant field of study
  • At least 60% mark in the Master’s degree

Module’s structure of the program

Module Name Module Code Offering No Credits
Research Proposal and Thesis DDEV 900 Y2 360



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