Bachelor of Arts Honours in Sociology

Devashree Naidoo

Programme description

The BA Honours in Sociology is a 1-year full-time programme. Honours in Sociology is structured to provide training in sociological theory and research. The modules offer students a wide range of contemporary societal issues and concerns. The degree requires students to do seven (7) modules: 6 compulsory modules and then choose between 2 electives.  Upon its completion, students may proceed to Master’s level studies.

Admission requirements:

Admission will be considered for a student who has completed Sociology as a major up to third-year level in the undergraduate BA Degree. A minimum of 60% in Sociology, in the preceding undergraduate degree, is required.
If a student does not comply with the requirements mentioned above, admission may be granted by the Dean of the Faculty, at the recommendation of the Chairperson of the Department.

Curriculum, Credits and Fees

Code Description Compulsory Pre-Co Requisites
Credits Course Fee
SOC401 Research (mini-thesis) Y SOC403
SOC403 Contemporary Sociological Theory Y   15  
SOC402 Research Methodology Y   15  
SOC404 Rural and Social Development Y   15  
SOC407 Gender and Development Y   15  
SOC408 Social Institutions and Change N   15  
Students may choose one (1) module from the electives below
SOC405 Race, Ethnicity and Identity N   15  
SOC406 Population Dynamics and Environmental Issues (electives) N   15  
TOTAL R39 099