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Prof Hilda Israel

Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Mpumalanga (UMP), Prof Hilda Israel is a seasoned academic skilled in Teaching, Learning & Assessment; Teacher Education; Applied Language Studies; Leadership and Strategic Planning. She completed her Master of Science in Education at Baylor University, Texas, and was one of six South African women chosen to complete the Higher Education Research Support (HERS) Programme for Women Managers in Higher Education (Philadelphia, USA).
Prof Israel is the Chair of the UMP Institutional Forum, which advises the Council on the formulation of policy, and the suitability for appointment of candidates for Executive Management positions, among other matters. She is also the Acting Chair of the UMP Teaching & Learning Committee of Senate.
She has presented research papers at national and international conferences on Teaching Methodologies, Multilingualism, Africanisation of the Curriculum, Sociolinguistics, Educational Assessment, Translation & Interpreting as Educational Tools, and Cross-Disciplinary Studies.
Prof Israel has researched and compiled manuals on Educational Leadership and Management for South African educators enrolling in Post-Graduate Programmes. Her teaching content is relevant and addresses topics such as social justice and inequality, HIV-Aids, unemployment, global warming, ethics, and the impact of technology on the communities. She has successfully managed international projects on Applied Language Studies, including the training of translators in African Languages.