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Continuing Education Services is responsible for:

  • Broadening the access to higher education by addressing the educational needs of the public and /or private sector.
  • Supporting skills development and the training needs of the external community through the provision and development of a variety of Short Learning programmes (SLP’s).
  • The promotion of lifelong learning and personal development through adult education.

Facilitation of Short Learning Programmes

The following Short Learning programmes are currently available:

School of Development Studies

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The programmes covering various topics relevant to entrepreneurship. Upon completion of all six the programmes the learner qualify for the UMP certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Programme Duration Cost
Entrepreneurial process dynamics 3 Days R4000.00
New Venture creation – pre-establishment  3 Days R4000.00
Basic business management 3 Days R4000.00
Human resource management   3 Days R4000.00
Basic Business Accountings and financial skills 3 Days R4000.00
Marketing and promotion  3 Days R4000.00
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Local Economic development programmes

Through collaboration with the Centre for Local Economic Development at the University of Johannesburg, UMP is able to offer a variety of SLP’s aimed at local economic development as well as programmes to become a registered Local economic developer.

School of Social Sciences

Language programmes

Portuguese Level 1 and 2.
The Programme is offered in two (2) x 8 week session per level. 90 minutes contact time and further online study.
Cost: R2 750.00 per level.
Cycle 1 February – March 2020 Level 1 A
Cycle 2 April – June 2020 Level 1 A + 1B
Cycle 3 July – September 2020 Level 1 A + 1B, Level 2 A
Cycle 4 September – November 2020 Level 1 A + 1B, Level 2 A and 2 B

School for Agricultural Sciences


Agricultural Programmes

Unit standard based Agricultural Programmes  Levels 1 – 4
(Accredited service provider with AgriSETA)

Rain water Harvesting

Duration: Three (3)  days 
Cost: Available on request

General Training

Train the Trainer.  
Duration: Three (3) days   

Other services:

Assessment of Training needs. Continuing education services can assist companies, small businesses or organisations to:
  • Assess of business or organisation’s training needs
  • Draft a training or skills development programme
  • Develop training material
Development of Short Learning programmes according to the needs of the client
Programme can be offered at both campuses or off site at a venue convienient for the client. (Additional cost is applicable for off site programmes)