30 November 2021

Relevant Technologies, formed in 2018, has also supplied a group of University ICT Students with Toolkits for their practicals. It was also involved in the 2019 University of Mpumalanga Career Expo. 

“I’ve always been a rather technically-minded person and have been fascinated with tech since an early age. I wanted to pursue computer engineering but unfortunately couldn’t because of my matric results. I’m driven by my passion to succeed via the IT route. Currently, we are in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) which has brought with it many business opportunities. I saw one of the opportunities and ran with it.” 

Where did it all begin?
While I was doing my third year in Nature Conservation at UMP, I noticed that there was a high demand for IT services from students, but that this demand was not being met. Students did not have access to full-time IT personnel, and yet they had full-time IT needs. Students would often have to travel great distances to have their computers fixed at an equally great cost. 

Having the skill and passion for IT drove me to venture into the IT field and I started my computer repair company, Relevant Technologies, in 2018. I started out by collecting students’ laptops from their residences and repairing them off-campus. Once they were fixed, I would return them, and collect more to be repaired.


How has your business grown and evolved since 2018?
Relevant Technologies was formed to provide fast, reliable IT services at reasonable prices that students would be able to afford. From 2018 up to date, Relevant Technologies has assisted and satisfied a lot of students with their IT needs simply by being the most reliable and convenient IT company when it comes to time and money-saving. 

Due to the high demand, students have moved to online learning and it is still striving to provide more extraordinary services to students. I aim to promote academic excellence to the university by assisting new students who require basic computer skills on how to properly use a computer for their academic work.

We also offer computer component sales, software maintenance and upgrades. I’ve also employed four current UMP students, which implies that Relevant Technologies is not only a monetary seeking organisation but also gives back to the community and brings about positive change. 

What does the future look like?
My dream is to lead a professional IT company that operates in different locations that are accessible and visible to my target market, students. I would like to become a top leader in the IT Industry, focusing mainly on providing IT support to students in a fast and economical manner. I’d love to have branches across all the tertiary campuses in South Africa. 

Do you still intend to pursue Nature Conservation?
Yes! At the moment I am conducting studies that will provide integrated IT solutions that connect technology with nature conservation. 

@ Story by Cleopatra Makhaga. Pictures Supplied.