Bachelor of Agriculture Honours in Agricultural Extension and Rural Resources Management

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Dr Jorine Ndoro

Programme Description

The Bachelor of Agriculture Honours (Agricultural Extension and Rural Resource Management) has been designed to develop the capacity of Agricultural Extension practitioners who will work in agricultural and rural development in the NGO sector, for government service, for agri-business and for other private sector companies involved with farmers and rural communities.

Bachelor of Agriculture Honours (Agricultural Extension and Rural Resource Management) graduates will contribute to the improvement and enhancement of the quality and effectiveness of agricultural extension services. They will help meet the demand for professionals who can lead and manage agricultural extension through the complex world of agricultural and rural transformation.

Admission Requirements

Students with the following qualifications will be considered for admission into this degree:
• Bachelor of Agriculture (NQF7) with a minimum
credit-weighted third-year average mark of 60%.
• Advanced Diploma in Agricultural Extension (NQF7) (or
similar agricultural qualification at least at NQF 7) with a minimum credit-weighted average of 60%.

Curriculum structure

Subject Code Subject Description Credits
Semester 1
AGRI1D1 Plant Protection 1 10
EXTN1D1 Rural Wealth Creation 13
FMBT1D1 Introduction to Farm Management IA 10
FENG1D1 Agricultural Engineering 10
RMGT1D1 Introduction to Soil Science IA 10
EXTN150 Computer Application for Extension 7
Semester 2
AGRI152 Plant Propagation 10
EXTN162 Rural Economic Systems 13
FBMT1D2 Farm Management 1B 10
FENG152 Agricultural Mechanisation 10
EXTN180 Scientific Writing and Reporting for Agriculture Extension 7
RMGT1D2 Soil science 1B 10
  TOTAL 120
Semester 1
AGRI2D1 Introduction to Vegetable Production 2A 10
AGRI2D3 Introduction to Agronomy 2A 10
AGRI2D5 Introduction to Fruit Crop Production (Citrus & Subtrop) 2A 10
EXTN261 Extension Methods 15
FMBT2D1 Budget and Risk Management 2A 10
RMGT2D1 Introduction to Irrigation (Water) 2A 10
Semester 2
AGRI2D6 Fruit Production 2B 10
AGRI2D4 Agronomy Practices 2B 10
AGRI2D2 Vegetable Production 2B 10
EXTN262 Extension Practice 15
RMGT2D2 Managing Irrigation Systems 2B 10
  TOTAL 120
EXTN369 Designing Agriculture Extension Projects 15
FBMT371 Developing a Farm Business Plan 30
RMGT371 Developing a Land Use Plan 30
EXTN370 Participatory Agricultural Extension 15
EXTN372 Extension Placement 30
  TOTAL 120

Additional Information for Potential Students and other Stakeholders

This programme includes broader and specialised competencies in terms of communication, behaviour change, facilitation, leadership and group dynamics, adult learning, technology innovation and transfer, project planning and management, extension evaluation and community development. It also includes client orientation and customer focus, service delivery innovation, problem solving, honesty and integrity and people management and empowerment.


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