Bachelor of Development Studies

Dr. Thandeka Sabela

Programme Description

South Africa and many other developing countries are facing facets of challenges which among others include poverty, inequality and unemployment. To address these challenges, multiple of actors from the state, private sectors and NGO’s need to get involved in the implementation of variety of interventions and activities which are holistic in nature and which are aimed at promoting sustainable development deemed necessary to communities in different locations. Therefore, there is a need to develop and increase the  knowledge, understanding, skills and expertise in order to apply a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach towards activities and research  that will bring about planning, analysing, critiquing, designing, formulating and implementing development processes which integrates the understanding of the local development context, environmental, social, political, economic and cultural dynamics of each local area of intervention in order that poverty and inequality can be eradicated.
Bachelor of Development Studies is a three-year qualification with Total Credits of 360. The qualification equips students with skills and understanding of different theories, practice and activities which are useful to facilitate holistic and integrated focused development. Some of the common skills include, development facilitation, communication, environmental planning, project design and management, rural and social development and research amongst others.  The qualifications in Development Studies also integrate knowledge and systems from other disciplines such as Economics, Sociology, Industrial Psychology, Public Administration and Computer Studies.

 Admission Requirements  

1.Bachelor of Development Studies
  • National Senior Certificate, meeting the minimum requirements for admission to bachelors’ degree as gazette for admission to higher education. Students need to meet admission point score of 32.
  • Entrance Requirement include, Mathematics level 2 or Math Literacy level 3, English level 4, and Geography/History and One Other Social or Commercial Sciences Subject at level 4.

Career Opportunities

The career opportunities and choices linked to development studies include students becoming researchers, development planners, facilitators and managers, project planners, environmental officers, local economic development manager, rural and urban development, municipal planning and service delivery and many other careers which are linked to social science and community development.

Module Structure of the Program

Module Name Module Code Semester No Credits
YEAR 1      
End User Computing CSC1D1 1 06
Microeconomics ECO101 1 12
Economics History 101 ECO1H1 1 12
Development Studies 101 DEV101 1 12
Development Studies 111 DEV1I1 1 12
Elective choose 1 of the following      
Organisational Behaviour 101 ORG101 1 12
Sociology 101 SOC101 1 12
Macroeconomics ECO102 1 12
Economics History 102 ECO1H2 1 12
Development Studies  102 DEV 102 1 12
Development Studies 112 DEV112 1 12
Elective choose 1 of the following      
Organisational Behaviour 102 ORG 102 2 12
Sociology 102 SOC 102 2 12
YEAR 2      
Development Studies 201 DEV202 1 12
Development Studies 211 DEV212 1 12
Macroeconomics 201 ECO202 1 12
Project Appraisal ECO212 1 12
Elective choose 1 of the following      
Sociology 201  SOC202 1 12
Human Resources Management 201 IPS202 1 12
Development Studies 202 DEV202 2 12
Development Studies 212 DEV212 2 12
Microeconomics 202 ECO202 2 12
Population Economics 212 ECO212 2 12
Elective choose 1 of the following      
HRM: Workplace Negotiation 202 IPS202 2 12
Sociology 202 SOC202 2 12
YEAR 3      
Case Studies in Dev And Transitional Countries DEV301 1 15
Research Methods for Development DEV311 1 15
Project Design and Planning DEV321 1 15
Economic & Development Ethics ECO331 1 15
Development Policy DEV302 2 15
Political Economy of Development DEV312 2 15
Security, Peace and reconstruction DEV322 2 15
Labour Economics ECO302 2 15

Fee Structure

Year: R37 125.71

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