Bachelor of Development Studies Honours

Dr. Thandeka Sabela

Programme Description

In 2019, the University of Mpumalanga launch a postgraduate honours degree in Development Studies. This was done to afford development studies graduate an opportunity to further and advance their studies. The honours degree is designed and is facilitated in such a way that it brings about deeper understanding of issues, topics and themes which students dealt with in their undergraduate studies. Furthermore, students are expected to do a year course research module and project (to produce about 45-page mini-dissertation) which gives them a better understanding of relationships, connections and synergies of different development concepts, debates and discourses pertaining to their areas of study interest. The honours degree give students an advantage and provide a bridging gap to those who wants to do Masters and Doctoral degree respectively, either within the University of Mpumalanga or elsewhere. Bachelor of Development Studies Honours is a one Year qualification with total credits of 120.


Admission Requirements  

A candidate can be admitted for an Honours Degree if he/she meets the following criteria:
  • Hold an Undergraduate Bachelor of Development Studies or relevant qualification.
  • Has achieved an average of at least 60% in the third year level undergraduate studies.

Career opportunities

The career opportunities and choices linked to development studies include students becoming researchers, development planners, facilitators and managers, project planners, environmental officers, local economic development manager, rural and urban development, municipal planning and service delivery and many other careers which are linked to social science and community development.

Module Structure of the Programme

Module Name Module Code Semester Credits
Rural and Social Development DEV 401 1 15
Project Planning and Management DEV 402 1 15
Environmental Planning and Management DEV 403 2 15
Development Planning and Management DEV 404 1 15
Macroeconomics for Developing Countries DEV 405 2 15
Research Report DEV 408 1 and 2 30
Choose 1 of the following electives      
Entrepreneurship Development DEV 406 1 15
Financing for Development DEV 407 1 15

Fee Structure

Year: R37 095.40

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