Bachelor of Arts Honours in Culture and Heritage Studies

Programme Description

The BA Honours in Culture and Heritage Studies programme is a 1-year full-time programme. It is aimed at students wanting to advance their understanding and experience of culture and heritage theory, practice and to further engage in research to broaden and shape the culture and heritage discipline and sector. The programme offers students a wide range of past cultural and heritage events and an opportunity to deliberate on them in the context of today’s everyday cultural and heritage issues and challenges. It further allows students to explore how those concerning culture and heritage issues can be addressed as well as how those exhibiting best practice can be enhanced and supported.  The programme requires students to do seven (7) modules:  three (3) compulsory modules and then to choose four (4) electives out of 6 (six). Upon completion of the BA Honours in Culture and Heritage Studies degree, students may proceed to Masters level studies.

Admission Requirements:

Admission will be considered for a student who has completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree with majors in Culture and Heritage Studies and/or related fields. A minimum of 60% in Culture and Heritage Studies or/and in the preceding undergraduate degree, is required. If a student does not comply with the requirements mentioned above, admission may be granted after due process.

Curriculum, Credits and Fees

Code Description Compulsory Pre-Co Requisites Credits Course Fee
CST401 Research Report Y   30  
CST402 Research Methodology Y   15  
CST403 Philosophical Theory and Practice of Culture and Heritage Y   15  
Students may choose four (4) modules from the electives below
CST404 Current Discourse in Culture, History and Heritage N   15  
CST405 Themes of Culture, History and Heritage in the Modern World N   15  
CST406 Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Contemporary Africa N   15  
CST407 Biocultural Diversity, Sacred Natural Sites and Cultural Landscapes N   15  
CST408 Policy, Power and Politics in Cultural Heritage and Representation N   15  
CST409 Decoloniality: African Thought, Discourse and Critique in Cultural Studies N   15