Bachelor of Arts Honours in Political Science

Programme Description

Bachelor of Arts Honours-Political ScienceThe Bachelor of Arts Honours-Political Science is a 1-year full-time programme. Bachelor of Arts Honours-Political Science is structured to provide training in Political Science theories, practice and research applications. The modules offer students a wide range of historical and contemporary societal issues and concerns which are political in nature. Students registered for this degree will be offered seven (7) compulsory modules. Six (6) of the modules are contact based teaching while one (1) is an individually conceived research report undertaken by students over a year under an allocated supervisor. Upon completion of this degree, students may proceed to study for a Master’s degree in Political Studies and/or International Relations depending on institutional requirements of institutions of higher learning in South Africa and abroad.

Programme Coordinator

Dr Oshupeng Maseng

Admission requirements

A minimum of 60% in Political Science or International Relations third year modules and 60% average degree score in the relevant preceding undergraduate degree is required.

Curriculum and Credits

Study Period 1
Instructional offering (subject) Compulsory Pre-Co requisites
SAPSE credits on Curriculum NQF MAJOR SUBJECTS  
Code Description Y/N     SAQA
Y/N Block Code
  POL 401 Research Report Y   .250 30 8 Y YR
  POL 402 Research Methodology Y   .125 15 8 Y S1
POL 403 Modernity and the Modern World Y   .125 15 8 Y S1
POL 404 State Building in Africa: Democratisation and Crisis Y   .125 15 8 Y S2
  POL 405 African Feminism and Gender Studies Y   .125 15 8 Y S2
  POL 406 African Political Economy Y   .125 15 8 Y S2
  POL 407 Ethnicity, Conflict and Inequality in Global Perspective Y   .125 15 8 Y S2
    Total:     1.000 120      

Career opportunities

Graduates of this programme have varied career opportunities in different sectors. A graduate in this field can explore employment opportunities in government departments as administrators. Other career opportunities can be in civil society organisations and companies. Embassies or consulates employ political science graduates in various capacities. Regional and international organisations such as SADC, AU, and UN are potential employers. Graduates of political science can work independently as political consultants.