Bachelor of Arts Honours in isiNdebele

Programme Description

The BA Honours in isiNdebele is a one year, full-time, 120 credit, NQF exit level 8 qualification which includes compulsory and elective modules. It provides a significant route for progression into Masters studies at the University of Mpumalanga or elsewhere.


Career Opportunities

Graduates with an Honours degree in isiNdebele are able to work and contribute in many varied facets of the job market and in all areas of teaching and learning, community engagement and research. By offering this programme, the university will effectively fulfil its vision of creating opportunities and providing for sustainable development. IsiNdebele is one of the indigenous languages that is spoken and read in the Republic of South Africa. It is enshrined in the constitution of the country as one of the eleventh official languages that cherishes and promotes the South African identity. The employment opportunities are broadly considered within the areas of phonetician, phonologist, morphologist, semanticist, onomastician, orator, folklorist, interpreter, translator, broadcaster, novelist, dramatist, poet, editor, lexicographer, terminographer, researcher, assessor, etc. Thereby, in general providing employment opportunities in various sectors within the broad field of work, which require service delivery and communication with fellow human beings. 


Admission Requirements

The minimum admission requirements for the BA Honours in isiNdebele is a Bachelor of Arts or other first degree at exit level 7, with isiNdebele as a major subject and a 60% or above average for isiNdebele modules in the final year. Students who fail to meet the minimum requirement of 60% will be considered upon the motivation to the Faculty Board and the Higher Degrees Committee of the university, and subsequent approval by all approved University structures.
Selection of a limited number of candidates to enrol in the programme: A School admission committee will assess eligibility of all applicants. Applicants who exceed the minimum entrance requirements will be given an immediate offer.

Curriculum and Credits

NQF Level Credits Compulsory/ Elective
Research Methodology                                                           8 15 Compulsory
Research Report 8 30 Compulsory
Phonetics and Phonology 8 15 Compulsory
Morphology and Syntax 8 15 Compulsory
Total credits for compulsory modules   75  
Elective modules:
Traditional Literature 8 15 Elective
Semantics and Sociolinguistics 8 15 Elective
Language History, Planning and policy 8 15 Elective
Total Credits for degree   120