Master of Arts in Sociology


Programme Description

The Master of Arts degree in Sociology is structured in such a way that it exposes students to a wide range of sociological theories and research. The Master`s degree by dissertation offers students the opportunity to research various contemporary societal issues and concerns. The degree requires students to complete a dissertation that integrates sociological theories with practical social issues. Students will be guided to conduct independent qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods research.

Admission Requirements

Admission will be considered for a student who has completed a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Sociology or a relevant NQF8 qualification from an accredited provider of higher education. The BA Honours in Sociology or any other equivalent qualification should be passed with a minimum average score of 65%. 

Duration of programme

1 year: Full-Time and 2 years: Part-time

Master`s degree dissertation credits and fees

Code Description Compulsory Pre-Co Requisites
Credits Course Fee
MA900 MA Dissertation (full-time) Y N/A 180  
MA900P MA Dissertation (part-time) Y N/A 180  

Career Prospects

There are many career opportunities for people with a Master of Arts degree in Sociology in both the private and public sectors. These include lecturing in higher education institutions, working for non- governmental organisations and working as labour union leaders and social science researchers.

Programme Coordinator: Prof. AA Okharedia (e-mail:, Tel: 013 002 0379