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Prof. V. Mlambo

Professor – Animal Science
013 002 0249
Mbombela; B002, Building 06



Ruminant Nutrition; Poultry Nutrition; Fish Nutrition; Feed Evaluation


  • PhD Ruminant Nutrition (University of Reading, England)
  • MSc in Development Statistics (University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago)
  • MSc in Animal Science (University of Zimbabwe)
  • BSc in Agriculture (Animal Science) (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in University Teaching & Learning (University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago)

Currently Teaching

  • Research-led Advanced Animal Nutrition
  • Introduction to Animal Nutrition
  • Dairy Cattle Production
  • Animal Genetics and Breeding
  • Agricultural Research Project

Research Focus Areas

  • Sustainable Animal Nutrition

Books and Book Chapters

  • Smith, T., Jayasuriya, N., Mlambo, V., Lukule, D., Thomas, D., Owen, E., Pearson, A., Titterton, M., 2005. Chapter 11: Feeds and feeding to improve productivity. In: Livestock and wealth creation: improving the husbandry of livestock kept by the poor in developing countries. Owen, E., Kitalyi, A., Jayasuriya, N. and Smith, T (Eds). Nottingham University Press, Nottingham, 2005. 601p.

Journal Articles

  • Montso, P. K., Mlambo, V., Ateba, C. N. 2021. Efficacy of novel phages for control of multi-drug resistant Escherichia coli O177 on artificially contaminated beef and their potential to disrupt biofilm formation. Food Microbiology 94: 103647; https://doi.org/10.1016/j.fm.2020.103647
  • Nhlane, L. T., Mnisi, C. M., Mlambo, V. and Madibana, M. J. 2021. Effect of seaweed-containing diets on visceral organ sizes, carcass characteristics, and meat quality and stability of Boschveld indigenous hens. Poultry Science  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.psj.2020.11.038
  • Matshogo, T. B., Mnisi, C. M., Mlambo, V. 2020. Dietary green seaweed compromises overall feed conversion efficiency but not blood parameters and meat quality and stability in broiler chickens. Agriculture 10: 547; https://doi:10.3390/agriculture10110547
  • Madibana, M.J., Mwanza, M., Lewis, B.R., Fouché, C.H., Toefy, R., Mlambo, V. 2020. Black soldier fly larvae meal as a fishmeal substitute in juvenile dusky kob diets: Effect on feed utilization, growth performance, and blood parameters. Sustainability 12: 9460; https://doi:10.3390/su12229460
  • Kwaza, A., Tefera, S., Mlambo, V., Mopipi, K. 2020. Short-term grazing exclusion impacts using brush packs on soil and grass layers in degraded communal rangelands of semi-arid South Africa and implications for restoration and pasture utilization. Tropical Grasslands 8(3): 220–233 220. https://doi:10.17138/TGFT(8)220-233.

Professional Associations and Academic Accolades

  • Editor – Animal Feed Science & Technology (Elsevier)
  • Associate Editor: South African Journal of Animal Sciences
  • Associate Editor: Botswana Journal of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
  • Council Member – Botswana University of Agriculture & Natural Resources.
  • Member – South African Society of Animal Science
  • Member – South African Council of Natural Scientific Professions
  • Member – British Society of Animal Science (BSAS): (2000 -2003)
  • Member – American Society of Animal Science (ASAS): 2010 – 2013
  • Member – European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP): 2010 – 2013

Engagement Projects