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Dr Tim Forssman

Dr Tim Forssman, Senior lecturer, runs the Hunter-Gatherer Archaeological Research Project, through which he and his team investigate forager innovations, technologies, and indigenous knowledges in central southern Africa and Mpumalanga. His research interests include forager-farmer interactions, forager economies, trade dynamics, and landscape archaeology. His books include Bushman Rock Art: An Interpretive Guide (2012), Beyond the Dripline: Later Stone Age Changes on the Greater Mapungubwe landscape (2013), and Foragers in the middle Limpopo Valley: Trade, Place-Making, and Complexity (2020). He is currently writing his fourth book, titled Archaeology in Africa: Why it Matters. Dr Forssman is passionate about up-skilling students through experiential learning activities and teaching them the necessary skills required to be successful scientists or heritage practitioners. He is also active within his local community, sitting on the Mpumalanga Heritage Society executive board, as well as on international editorial teams and boards. Dr Forssman regularly publishes on online platforms, is often interviewed in the media, and has developed a travelling museum initiative that brings heritage to people.