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Dr Julia Giddy

Dr Julia Kathryn Giddy is a Lecturer in Geography at the University of Mpumalanga and a Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg. She completed her undergraduate degree in Earth Sciences and History at the University of Michigan and her BSc Honours, MSc and PhD in Geography at Nelson Mandela University. She subsequently completed two Postdoctoral Fellowships, in Geography and Tourism, at the University of Johannesburg prior to her appointment at UMP. The majority of her research has focused on human-environment interaction in the tourism sector, with a specialization in adventure tourism. She has also published significant work on the influence of extreme weather and climate change on South Africa’s tourism industry. Her more recent research, however, has focused on the tourism-poverty nexus, including the emergence of the gig/sharing economy in Africa.

Rated Researcher

Dr Julia Giddy is a NRF Y2 Rated Researcher currently involved in teaching Geography and Conservation. Most
of her research focuses on human-environment interaction in the tourism sector.