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Dr Liaan Minnie

Dr Liaan Minnie is a Lecturer in Ecology at the University of Mpumalanga and a research associate with the Centre for African Conservation Ecology, Nelson Mandela University (NMU). He holds a PhD (Zoology) from NMU and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Higher Education from Rhodes University. As a terrestrial ecologist, his research focuses on carnivore ecology, human-wildlife conflict and predator-prey interactions. He is broadly interested in the drivers of both predator and prey communities in terrestrial ecosystems. Specifically, he is interested in the top-down (e.g., predation, diseases, human impacts) and bottom-up (e.g., rainfall, nutrients, habitat characteristics) mechanisms structuring carnivore and prey communities and variation in these processes between nature reserves and anthropogenically modified systems.
Google Scholar profile: http://scholar.google.co.za/citations?user=pmM-D50AAAAJ&hl=en
ResearchGate Profile: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Liaan_Minnie