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Dr Mduduzi Ndlovu

Dr Mduduzi Ndlovu, Senior Lecturer at the School of Biology and Environmental Sciences, is a an Animal ecologist. He is intrigued by a wide range of theoretical and practical issues in ecology and conservation. He applies the "animal habitat tracking adaptation" theoretical framework to understand individual and population level animal decisions and how these relate to life history strategies, disease risk, habitat structure and environmental variability. His approach is to unravel the bigger picture in Afrotropical animal adaptations. He is a "Systems thinker" who takes a holistic approach to animal adaptation analysis and focuses on the way that several animals (birds, mammals, and insects), regardless of species, interrelate to solve the problem of survival within the context of a changing environment.

Rated Researcher

Dr Mduduzi Ndlovu is a NRF C2 Rated Researcher, Senior lecturer at the School of Biology and Environmental
Sciences was recognised for his research on adaptability in Afrotropical animals.