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11 February 2016

Welcome to New and Returning Students

Welcome to the University of Mpumalanga (UMP), one of South Africa’s new universities, where excellence is cherished, pursued and celebrated.  We are pleased that you have decided to pursue your studies at our University and be part of the “Pioneering Journey”.  Pioneers have to build a firm foundation, mindful that what they are creating should be durable, marketable, sustainable and enduring.  Generations yet unborn, must find a thriving university, one they will be proud to join, because we who pioneered it, laid a firm foundation, and got into this immense project with body, mind and soul.

At UMP, we are committed to the holistic development of our students.  We seek to provide an environment for our students to self-actualize and become the best they can be.  This is informed by our vision “To be an African University leading in creating opportunities for sustainable development through innovation”. We are a values-driven institution and the African life ethos of Ubuntu, referring to our orientation to and expression of humanity to others, forms the broad and overaching framework for our values.  Our values are excellence, integrity, diversity, collaboration, adaptability, relevance and inspiration.

The values of the University serve as a basis for all our interactions with students, staff and all other stakeholders. As such these values form an abbreviated code of conduct that should shape the behaviour of all the institutional constituents and to which the University subscribes.

Our curricula and extra curricula activities provide a nurturing environment for cognitive, personal, social and aesthetic development of students. 

I wish you the best for 2016, and invite you to be part of the Pioneering Journey, as we endeavour to make UMP, the best university it can be.

Prof Thoko Mayekiso