University, Newsletter
27 November 2020


“I’m working towards my goal of becoming an executive woman in the field of agriculture and being an inspiration to everyone and the generation that is to come,” she adds.

“UMP has been phenomenal in making me the person I am today. It taught me to be resilient, dedicated, committed and to be consistent in any initiative I embark upon. I’m proud to be part of the University as it has created opportunities for me to grow as a young entrepreneur.”

The 23-year-old applied the knowledge she acquired in class and used her NSFAS allowance to start a vegetable farming business, which has become a huge success. It has benefitted her small community in Taaibosch GaMamadi, Limpopo.

“I used my allowance to purchase seeds and gardening tools. I began with the preparation of the soil, used dead leaves as manure, prepared the seedbeds and the process of farming began.”

Her farming project became a success. She has reaped the fruits of her hard labour. The business does not only sell vegetables to her community, it has also motivated locals to combat poverty by starting their own farming businesses,” she says.

Rasekganya is involved in a series of businesses. She recently became a partner at Succeed Poultry Institute, a business that educates people on farming and selling chickens.

“We help develop poultry farmers. There is a lot of interest as more people have registered with us. What makes our business successful is that we are affordable and reachable on all social media platforms.”

A serial studentpreneur who has multiple businesses, she is also a YouTube sensation who has won the hearts of many young women who aspire to be like her. On her online channel, she presents a talk show about personal development, and entrepreneurship. Some of her topics have made a very huge impact on many young people’s lives.

“The talks are mostly about overcoming the challenges I faced during the national lockdown. I commit more of my time on school than anything else. I also take a risk to achieve my dreams.”

“I have a diary, schedule and time table of everything I do. Sometimes I’m forced to multitask because everything requires my attention. Every day when I wake up, I remind myself of all that I want to accomplish, I use the SWOT analysis that helps me to stay in the game.”

@ Story by Cleo Makhaga. Pictures Supplied.