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28 October 2021

“I call upon the members of the UMP community to support this important process of electing the student leadership, which is one of the important governance structures of the university,” she said. “I also wish to encourage those colleagues who will be requested to assist with the process to kindly avail their expertise and support to the Student Affairs Division.”

Student Governance and Development Manager, Mr Joseph Mokoatala gives more details of the voting process.

Why is it important for students to vote?

It is the right of every student to vote. Their vote will influence future decisions. Voting gives you the power to decide on issues that affect you. If you don’t vote someone else will make decisions on your behalf. Democracy works better if people participate. Voting provides an opportunity for change.

Who can vote?

It is only registered students who can vote. This excludes distance education students and those registered for subjects or programmes for non-degree purposes or short courses.

What is the role of the SRC?

The Department of Higher Education and Training Education Act requires that every institution should have a body that represents the students. The SRC serves as a conciliator between the students and management, hence there is SRC representation on various institutional committees. It is at these institutional policies where important decisions are taken.

How do students cast their votes?

The SRC elections of the University of Mpumalanga will be held through the hybrid model. Those students wishing to vote manually will be expected to produce their student cards when they arrive at the voting station.

Those who prefer to use the online method to cast their vote electronically, will receive a PIN on their mobile phones, which will allow them to access the voting site. Manual voting will take place at the Multipurpose Centre and Main Hall at Mbombela and Siyabuswa Campuses respectively.

How do students hold the SRC accountable?

The SRC is compelled to have at least one mass meeting per semester. At this meeting, the SRC will provide feedback to all students with respect to what they have done and what is still to be done.

Voting will commence at 08:00 and close at 16:30. COVID-19 Safety Protocols will be strictly adhered to during the election period.

@ Story and Picture by Cleopatra Makhaga.