07 June 2021


We've hardly opened our doors for the second semester and we've hosted leading-edge seminars, ground-breaking workshops, we've joined the E-Sports league of USSA, our alumni have been out and about making us proud, current students are rising to the challenges of life, and then this whole month was also dedicated to Africa Day for which we hosted several events and talks. 

In this month's newsletter you can read more about Professor Akhubue Okharedia and his incredible study and work on the legal implications of the implementation of international labour standards and the harmonisation of labour laws in the Southern African Development Community. It's revolutionary work and so important in this day and age. 

Also of vital importance in this day and age is being able to make it on your own out there once you have graduated. Long gone are the days where you graduate with a degree and there is a whole host of job opportunities available out there. 
In the current economic climate and for the foreseeable future, you would do well to make your own mark and start your own business, which is why the Centre for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator and our Graduate Placement Office host workshops until June to better equip our graduates for the cutthroat world out there. 

Equally exciting this month is that we have joined University Sports South Africa's e-Sport division. It caters for students who are more inclined to play digital rather than physical sports and allows for a safe sporting environment in these troublesome times. 

And last but not least, is the introduction of our Academic Talent Stewardship Programme this month. It's an incredible initiative and we are so proud to be able to offer it to the most deserving of students. It fills me with both pride and joy to see our very own being given the opportunity to join our ranks here at the university; for our learners to become our teachers. 

I look forward to June and everything that it may bring. I would caution you to please keep on sanitizing, please do keep on wearing your masks, and please do keep your social distances. We are all tired and weary of the pandemic and the protocols we need to follow, but the third wave is here and we need to keep each other safe. 

Professor Thoko Mayekiso