01 October 2021
In this month's newsletter, you may learn more about how our Faculty of Education is making great headway to ensure the longevity of African languages, culture and heritage through its comprehensive teaching offering and learning methodologies. 

Part of our heritage and culture, is nature-based tourism, which is also a massive drawcard for our country in terms of international visitors and revenue. Included in this month's newsletter is a recent study by Dr Julia Giddy and Jayne Rogerson from the University of Johannesburg relating to how COVID-19 has affected this sector and the various ways in which businesses have tried to adapt to the current circumstances in order to survive. 

The University has been hit very hard by the loss of three staff members in quick succession. The loss of life is always tragic, by virtue of its irreversibility and finality. Three lives lost in a short space of time is very hard to deal with. 

We are still in the throes of the pandemic and most of us have experienced loss, close tohome or personally. Times like these make humanity – indeed even ourselves, feel vulnerable and fragile. These are circumstances beyond our human comprehension to fathom. We can only rally around one another and support one another, in order to make grief bearable. 

May we keep the families of our departed colleagues in our prayers during this trying time. We are limited by our humanity to change what has now happened. In honour of the memories of the departed colleagues, let us remain steadfast in the ideals they espoused. May the lessons we learned from them when they were still among us remain forever cherished in our hearts. 

Although mindful of COVID -19 protocols, in terms of limited numbers at funerals, where possible, we have requested senior members of staff to attend on behalf of UMP. 

Professor Thoko Mayekiso 
Vice Chancellor