28 October 2021

The primary purpose of this qualification is to provide qualifying learners with applied competence in the mastering, analysis, interpretation and understanding of Industrial Psychological principles and methods.

This qualification will enable students to acquire knowledge, specific skills and applied competence for continued personal intellectual growth, gainful economic activity, rewarding contributions to enterprises, the economy and society.

In addition, learners will be able to apply research skills to investigate problems within organisations, and to advise management on solving these problems. Furthermore, this qualification will prepare students for further study in Industrial Psychology.

The BA Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology provides a vertical articulation path for students from the Bachelor of Arts Degree at UMP, or other first degrees at exit level 7, with Industrial Psychology as a major subject, providing a pipeline for students into further research based postgraduate studies.

This qualification is also the bridge to further postgraduate research based studies and it is expected that many Honours students will progress to Master's and Doctoral studies and contribute to research based solutions to challenges and issues

Career opportunities

The BA Honours degree in Industrial Psychology is designed to supply the industry with skilled, competent and professional graduates who are able to function in organisational and occupational settings. Graduates will be equipped to ethically explain, assess and influence human behaviour and its reciprocity at individual, group and organisational levels, with all efforts directed at human flourishing and the sustainable development of all affected stakeholders.

Graduates will work in a wide and diverse range of fields including both private and public sectors. Graduates will also be in a position to work for themselves or others as consultants and human resource practitioners. The programme also provides students with valuable knowledge to be able to manage the human capital of an organisation, a skill that is greatly needed in both the public and private sectors. Industrial Psychology is instrumental in helping businesses become more effective and profitable, as well as improving employees' wellbeing and performance.

Admission requirements

The minimum admission requirements for the BA (Honours) in Industrial Psychology are:

A Bachelor of Arts or other first degree at exit level 7, with Industrial Psychology as a major subject and a 60% or above average for Industrial Psychology modules in the final year as well as a minimum of 60% for Research Methodology.

Curriculum and credits 

This Honours degree comprises of seven modules of which six are compulsory and the students select their seventh module from a choice of two. The compulsory modules are stand-alone and may not be substituted by an elective.

Regarding the 7th module, students will choose one elective, either Employee Relations or Consumer Psychology and Behaviour. Although the modules are taught in a particular sequence, there are no prerequisites between the first and second semester.

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