28 October 2022
For his PhD studies, Dr Nkosana’s research focus was on effective marketing of micro-hospitality businesses in a rural setting, particularly in KwaZulu Natal.

“While in the middle of the research, Covid-19 came, and I had to adjust and incorporate its effects on these already struggling enterprises. I added a chapter on the impact of Covid-19 on micro-hospitality businesses in my thesis. Part of the findings highlighted that the pandemic resulted in quite a lot of these businesses closing/selling/ restructuring following the devastating effects of the pandemic,” he explains.

“Although the results of the study confirmed that social media adoption and utilisation is a very effective marketing strategy by these micro-hospitality businesses where resources are limited, it was also noted that these small businesses lack clear marketing strategies and resource allocation.

A social media adoption and utilisation model was developed for these businesses to help them take advantage of this useful strategy, towards post Covid-19 recovery and given their circumstances.”

Dr Nkosana explains that the qualification is an addition to his already colourful and consistent list of qualifications and is a balance between running the business commercially and furthering the primary goal of student training.

“This is where the two qualifications come very handy and complement each other, that is my PhD and my MBA. Education and further training have always been a passion for me. After graduating with my Honours in 2008, like any other graduate, I followed my passion.”

In 2014, he registered for a master’s in management sciences: Hospitality and Tourism with Durban University of Technology.

“I graduated in April 2016 for this qualification. Before joining UMP in 2019, I had the privilege to join University of Zululand (UNIZULU) as a lecturer, teaching Hospitality modules to all diploma grade levels.”

He holds a Bachelor of Technology (Hons): Hospitality & Tourism Management from Chinhoyi University of Technology, Master of Management Sciences: Hospitality & Tourism (DUT) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Wits.  

Dr Nkosana has worked for several organisations which includes various hospitality and tourism establishments ranging from safari operators, hotels, wedding venues and National Parks.

“My biggest achievement in my current role as the Director: Hotel and Catering Services was to assemble a functional team of experts in their areas and starting a whole new division from an empty computer, empty office without a single file,” he adds.

“My success borrows hugely from the support I received from my line manager Mr France Leutle and UMP Vice-Chancellor, Professor Thoko Mayekiso.”

Some of his additional achievements include successfully integrating hotel and catering operations with student training, which is the primary goal of the university as well as establishing a functional new division. He adds that he has established an effective and efficient student catering service at UMP.  “We have also successfully established a 4-star graded hotel (Tfokomala Hotel, Conference and Wellness Centre) and developed myself in the process,” he says.

Dr Nkosana also encourages his team to further their education and skills development, “Most of them are doing postgraduate qualifications while some are busy with undergrad qualifications and short courses.”

@ Story by Lisa Thabethe. Pictures supplied.