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30 November 2022

She further applauded the student leaders for the role they played when occupying the office after a difficult year following the Covid-19 pandemic, citing that they understood that UMP comes first and worked in the best interest of the university and its students.

"As management, we appreciate engagement with student leadership, even with robustness sometimes, but in the end, whenever we have the big-picture approach, we arrive at win-win solutions. Striving for common ground has proved a winning formula. It is a great human attribute to engage with civility and cordiality - even when you differ, you have respected the brand of UMP,” said Professor Mayekiso.

“You believed in the power of dialogue and engagement, and you led and demonstrated the importance of mutual respect. The need of your constituency, the UMP students, were met, in the main because you brought them to us as management and made sure that these needs were properly articulated.”

She continued to show appreciation to Mr Bathini Madinawe, the president of the SCR and CRC, and applauded him and his team for leading with integrity and putting the interests of the university and the students first.

“You never allowed popularity to sway you or to cloud your judgement. You truly served as a voice of reason. Your rational and independent thinking helped us a lot in conflict resolution,” said Professor Mayekiso.

UMPUMP Vice-Chancellor Professor Mayekiso, outgoing SRC President Madinawe and Dean of Students Dr Maminza.

Dean of Students, Dr Paul Maminza shared the same sentiments with the Vice-Chancellor. He added: “You have supported the students well and we appreciate the role you have played during the year,” he continued.

“To the SRC President Bathini, we have worked very well. We are having this event when students a writing their final exams, which showed that we have achieved our aim during the course of the year.”

Giving his final remarks Bathini Madinawe said, “I stand here in honour of a phenomenal woman who has laid down her life in service of the University of Mpumalanga. I met the Vice Chancellor before my term as SRC President when I was at the verge of dropping out because of financial challenges.

She counselled me, gave me hope and dared me to soldier on. She convinced me that my journey was not over but yet to begin. She has paved and channelled my leadership journey. The VC is a woman of stature, a perfectionist at heart and is excellence driven. I am honoured to have encountered you. I hope that your warmth and motherly love will forever be reflected and appreciated,” he added.

UMP The SRC/CRC dinner was held at Mbombela Campus.

“Dr Paul Maminza, given his physical structure, seems to be a very hard nut to crack. Of course, his seriousness and strict composure suggest it. I can confirm today, given order, discipline and consistency, Dr Maminza isn't that bad of a person after all. In fact, I have come to actually enjoy his presence and at many times found myself seeking advice even on personal issues from him. His calmness even in serious situations never ceased to amaze me.

The SRC was well supported by his leadership which made us able to attain our deliverables. Thank you for being an available Dean of Students in times when we needed you most.”

Madinawe went on to congratulate the newly elected SRC and challenged them to aspire to be leaders who will take this opportunity, not for the destruction but rather for the advancement of students.

“Always seek guidance when you stumble. We will forever be available to assist where we can, as previous SRC members have also assisted us in our leadership journey.”

“Leadership is not for clout but is an opportunity to advance the course of others, while actively being engaged in your own advancement. Build networks and lifelong relationships. Be remembered for a positive mark that your name will leave. Strive to be independent and never allow external people to mislead you, you are students, and you must focus on issues that are affecting students.”

The event ended with the handing over of certification to the outgoing student leadership.

@ Story by Cleopatra Makhaga. Pictures Chrisplphoto.