01 August 2022

The Abe Bailey bursary focuses on leadership development and is awarded to students who have great academic records, have demonstrated exceptional leadership and service skills, and have a solid track record both on campus and in broader societal contexts. It is open to students registered fulltime at any South African university as well as academic staff members who enjoy junior lecturer status.

The third year student applied for the bursary after realising that it aimed to foster critical thinking skills, instil collaborative skills within diverse groups and facilitate rigorous debates. She says the bursary is an opportunity to go on an educational tour of England and Scotland where she and students from other South African universities will be visiting several higher learning institutions.

"Receiving the bursary has been surreal and a dream come true for me. I feel honoured to be part of the group that will be travelling to the United Kingdom. The trip will start on November 22 where we will spend three days in Cape Town before departing to the UK,” she says.

Mamagobo is looking forward to visit the Sigmund Freud Museum, which is regarded as sacred to Psychology students, as it houses vital psychology-orientated work. She will also visit Oxford University and loves the fact that the scholarship enables outstanding South African students to broaden their horizons and views.

"The bursary will assist me to have a better understanding of the community development projects that I'm currently doing and will capacitate my competencies. Being around other young, goal-driven students will help me build social and intellectual capital that I can use as I navigate the world of academics. But most importantly, as a social entrepreneur, this trip will empower me to empower others.”

Hardworking student

The Abe Bailey bursary is awarded every year to students who show excellence in leadership and social responsibility, and Mamagobo is among those that show those characteristics.

Her achievements include being the recipient of the Vice-Chancellor scholarship, receiving the Best Undergraduate Excellence Award with 10 distinctions, 88% average, and R15 000 prize, in her first year. In 2021, she made it to the merit with an 87% average and distinctions in all her modules.

Mamogobo, who has been raised by her grandmother, is a community builder of note and participates in many communities and student development projects. She is the founder of the Ambassadors of Positivity, an organisation that assists young people with educational-related problems.

The hard-working student currently serves as ENACTUS 2022 Project Manager, is also the co-founder and secretary for the vibrant UMP Drama Society, a mentor and a regional manager (Nelspruit Region) for the Tshimong Debate League.

She further adds: “People find it hard to believe that I used to herd my grandfather's cattle and goats. Nonetheless, I am a proud village girl. In the next five years, I want to see myself publish a manuscript, establish a social enterprise that serves the community and I also want to be addressed as doctor or professor.”

The Limpopo-born says she draws her inspiration from the international businesswoman and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey.

“One of my philanthropic highlights was when I interacted with three schools, where I gave a talk and study tips to students. I also facilitated a 25-hour study marathon before the June exams and we received a sterling 800+ attendance.”

@ Story by Lisa Thabethe. Pictures Supplied.