30 September 2022

Motau and Sitoe participated in Dibeke and Diketo respectively. “I feel very honoured, and I’m inspired to do my best because I know Mpumalanga believes in and is counting on me. To have teams here at school to play Dibeke with will help me prepare for my games in KZN,” says Motau, a third-year Bachelor of Administration student.

Motau adds that her strategy at the games will be to work hard and keep doing her best. “My plan is to keep a positive mindset even when I face challenges along the way. I want to keep moving with a positive spirit and play hard to represent Mpumalanga very well. I plan to practice as early as possible.”

She further says that her short stint participating in the indigenous games has taught her teamwork and social skills. “This experience has been great. At first, I thought it was all for fun and a one-day thing, but when I played the regional tournament, I realised the potential of success and my interest grew from there,” added Motau.

“I gave my all to be selected to play in the Provincials and Nationals, I still can’t believe I was selected. I am looking forward to playing the games in KwaZulu Natal.”

UMPCathrine Sitoe is excelling in Diketo.

Second-year Bachelor of Arts student. Sitoe, who discovered her love and skill for Diketo during the UMP launch says she only became interested in the games after the launch.

“I started as an ambassador advertising and promoting the games, my interest grew after the launch. After then I had the opportunity to engage and learn the new officialised rule, I found myself playing so well that I was selected to represent Ehlanzeni District and to be part of the Mpumalanga Diketo team.”

Sitoe adds that she enjoyed playing Diketo during the launch of the games a month ago. "I then decided to do my best which earned me a selection to represent Ehlanzeni District at Middleburg. I also did my best at Middleburg, and I am now representing the Mpumalanga Diketo team."

Growing up, Sitoe used to play these games as a child and now the introduction of the games at the university has relived her childhood dream.

“During the district competition, I loved engaging with participants and learned not to take things lightly. I also discovered to use opportunities presented, and that working hard can take you places unaware and unplanned.”

The two students are in preparation for the upcoming competition. Motau says UMP is supportive of her dream of winning. “I cannot wait for the games to begin. Everyone is looking forward to supporting me in the Nationals," Sitoe adds: "The competition has impacted me positively. I am thankful to the university for introducing the indigenous games and paving a way for us to be in the National competition.”

@ Story by Cleopatra Makhaga. Pictures supplied.