31 August 2023

SAAPAM is a body that focuses on promoting sound governance practices in state administration. The association boasts a diverse membership encompassing both academic and government spheres across South Africa. Additionally, SAAPAM publishes the distinguished Journal of Public Administration, renowned for its cutting-edge research with substantial scholarly and policy implications.

The decision to extend Dr. Molepo's term comes after a comprehensive evaluation process, during which his outstanding leadership skills, expertise in Public Affairs, and unwavering commitment to advancing the discipline were duly acknowledged.

"I'm deeply honoured by my reappointment. It underscores the confidence that the National Board of SAAPAM has in my role as the Executive Director. Alongside this Board, we have worked tirelessly to elevate the association to new heights," said Dr. Molepo.

During his initial term as the Executive Director of SAAPAM, Dr. Molepo significantly expanded the association's membership, including greater participation of women in its programs and activities. Dr. Molepo's leadership also led to internal initiatives for optimizing cash flow, thus ensuring the association's financial stability. With a wealth of experience gained from various roles within SAAPAM, he brings a valuable blend of expertise, skills, and insights.

"This is evident in our recent conference, where we collaborated with esteemed partners like the National School of Government, the Department of Public Service and Administration, and the Department of Monitoring and Evaluation. Together, we initiated policies aimed at fostering discourse between academics and practitioners on governance matters influencing state administration," Dr. Molepo explained.

Renowned for his professionalism, Dr. Molepo consistently upholds the highest standards of public administration and management practices in South Africa. Under his guidance in his prior role, SAAPAM flourished, achieving remarkable growth and success. Dr. Molepo's strategic acumen drove innovative initiatives, encouraging collaboration, and fostering continuous improvement within the public sector.

Strategic Insights

Throughout his tenure, SAAPAM broadened its global presence, forming partnerships with international organizations to facilitate knowledge exchange on optimal practices in public affairs. The association also organized seminars, research workshops, and conferences that significantly bolstered stakeholder relations. Dr. Molepo's mentorship in the publication series led to a notable increase in academic book releases.

"I collaborated with diverse stakeholders to bolster membership and promote student engagement within the association's activities. We emphasized the interaction between academics and practitioners. SAAPAM stands as one of South Africa's most prominent academic associations," explained Dr. Molepo.

SAAPAM President, Professor Kgothatso Shai, praised Dr. Molepo's contributions: "During his initial term, Dr. Molepo assumed the role of Executive Director at a pivotal juncture in our association's evolution, as indicated in our 2018 annual report. He admirably succeeded a seasoned academic and administrator, the late Professor Titos Khalo. We hold strong confidence that he will lead with the strategic direction required for the association's continued ascent."

"As we embark on this new chapter under Dr. Molepo's leadership, SAAPAM eagerly anticipates fortifying our standing as a preeminent authority in Public Affairs. His wealth of knowledge, strategic insight, and adeptness in navigating dynamic landscapes have proven invaluable to the association and the broader Public Affairs community. He garners respect and inspires stakeholders across all levels. We anticipate that our association will persistently contribute to enhancing governance and public service delivery in South Africa," Professor Shai affirmed.

SAAPAM is poised to build on its achievements under Dr. Molepo's guidance. This includes advancing the strategic alliances he cultivated via memorandums of understanding with research institutions and government bodies. The association also aims to broaden its influence on global platforms for engaged scholarship, while also supporting its membership and provincial chapters in realizing the association's strategic objectives.

Particularly, SAAPAM anticipates Dr. Molepo's leadership in facilitating access to opportunities for young academics through bursaries and internships.

The University of Mpumalanga congratulates and extends its best wishes to Dr. Molepo for his reappointment as the Executive Director of SAAPAM.

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