31 May 2024

Nkabinde has excelled academically and also demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout his academic journey. He graduated Cum Laude with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and English Literature and achieved an impressive average mark of 83% and garnered an astounding 22 distinctions.

"I cannot begin to explain how honoured I am to be finally called a graduate, and not just any graduate but a first-generation graduate in my family and have done so Cum Laude. It's a testament to the saying that 'nothing is impossible."

His journey to success was shaped by his family's emphasis on education and the legacy of his late uncle whose dedication to self-improvement served as a beacon of inspiration.

"My family, though not highly educated, always stressed the importance of learning. My late uncle’s struggle to educate himself deeply inspired me to pursue my studies."

As the President of ENACTUS, Nkabinde played a pivotal role in the organization's success, steering it to second place in the 2022 National Competition.

"At UMP, I grew a lot. When I came to the University, I was a shy boy from KZN and left as a confident and accomplished individual. ENACTUS was a big part of my journey. We even came second in the 2022 national competition where I was part of the presenting team, a huge achievement for us.

I joined ENACTUS in 2021 as a first student. I was identified immediately by President Moses Timana to serve as the executive in the next Enactus year which was 2021/2022. I was appointed Head of IT."

UMPNkabinde has also excelled as the President of ENACTUS.

Under his leadership, ENACTUS UMP flourished, undertaking various initiatives aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and social impact.

"We've been overseeing several enterprises, a total of nine. Some more difficult to implement than others but we are proud to have been able to have them being presented by our members.”

Additionally, with his extracurricular involvement, Nkabinde maintained academic excellence, consistently achieving high grades and excelling in his studies.

"My studies were also important. I maintained good grades throughout my degree, with an average of 83%, and earned distinctions in 22 out of 24 modules. Living on campus provided me with numerous opportunities to engage in activities beyond academics.

"Living on campus gave me the chance to do even more. I joined debates, started a male society called UMP Circle of Brothers, and helped set up the UMP Drama Society, where I served as Chairperson and lead scriptwriter.”

Nkabinde is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Political Science at UMP. “I’m grateful for all the opportunities the University has given me," he said.

Story by Cleopatra Makhaga. Pictures supplied.