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08 March 2024

Established in 2013, UMP celebrated its 10-year milestone in 2023, initially anticipating an enrolment of 8 000 students. However, the institution has exceeded its own expectations, emerging as a beacon of opportunity for an impressive number of ambitious individuals.

Leading the surge in applications are the faculties of Development Studies, Economics, and Business Sciences, which have received a substantial 86 723 undergraduate and postgraduate applications. Concurrently, the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Science, along with the Faculty of Education, reported robust figures of 59 269 and 56,793 applications, respectively.

First-year Bachelor of Administration student, Petrus Baloye, hails from Limpopo in Hamasha. He opted to pursue his studies at UMP due to its tranquil environment and the opportunities it offers to students.

“I have chosen to study at UMP because of its peaceful atmosphere and the absence of any alarming incidents on its campuses. My registration experience was swift and seamless. Both students and staff members assisted me in navigating the campus and finding accommodation.”

“I can't wait to delve into campus life, exploring its facilities, and broadening my horizons. Having played soccer throughout my high school years, I intend to join the UMP soccer team.”

Baloye harbours aspirations of becoming a professional Administrator. Following the completion of his bachelor's degree, he aims to pursue further studies up to the PhD level, ideally at UMP.

“I get fulfilment from serving others and aiding them in transforming their lives. I am hopeful of cultivating friendships with positive influences who share my aspirations.”

UMP's rise in popularity can be attributed to its comprehensive approach to student development, aligning with the university's mission to empower students across cognitive, social, aesthetic, physical, and personal dimensions, thereby fostering democratic citizenship. UMP provides a transformative experience through high-quality curricula and co-curricular programs that prioritize excellence, free inquiry, and academic integrity.

The university's acclaimed infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities have become key attractions, providing a dynamic environment that encourages both social and intellectual exchange. Specifically designed social spaces for meaningful conversations with stakeholders underscore UMP's commitment to fostering constructive dialogues.

Existing students have become enthusiastic advocates, engaging in word-of-mouth promotion, highlighting the conducive environment found at UMP. Despite ongoing challenges in the education landscape, the University of Mpumalanga continues to stand as a symbol of hope for students, showcasing an unwavering dedication to excellence and the creation of opportunities.

UMP's 10th-anniversary celebration in November 2023 witnessed a notable pass rate, significant research outputs, and increased staff participation in conferences. Graduating 4 485 students, UMP has established Alumni Chapters in various regions, demonstrating the lasting impact of its graduates.

The National Research Foundation (NRF) has recognized UMP's research performance, presenting the university with the NRF Excelleration Award in 2022 and the NRF CEO Special Recognition Award in 2023, affirming its sustained progress and commitment to research excellence.

From a modest beginning with 169 students in 2014, UMP has experienced exponential growth, reaching 8 442 students in 2023, drawing not only from South Africa but also from Eswatini, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and India. Looking forward to 2024, Vice-Chancellor Professor Thoko Mayekiso envisions further growth and consolidation as part of UMP's developmental trajectory.

With plans to increase enrolment to approximately 10 000 students in 2024, UMP remains resolute in its commitment to providing a comprehensive range of qualifications, from Higher Certificates to Doctoral Degrees. The journey into 2024 promises to be a pioneering chapter in UMP's ongoing pursuit of excellence and educational advancement.

Story by Cleopatra. Pictures Supplied.