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31 May 2024

Masuku's academic journey at UMP began in 2021, and she has since been a shining example of excellence and resilience. Her commitment to education has been recognised multiple times, including being awarded the prestigious University of Mpumalanga Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship, as well as academic merit awards for 2021 and 2022.

“Receiving an academic excellence award is a profoundly gratifying experience. It represents a tangible acknowledgement of the hard work and dedication I invested in my studies. This award signifies more than just good grades; it embodies the sacrifices I made, and the moments of doubt I overcame with determination.

Such recognition is not merely a reflection of my effort but also a testament to the support system around me; my lecturers, family, and friends who have encouraged and believed in my potential. It serves as a motivational beacon, reinforcing the value of education and the importance of striving for excellence.

Receiving an academic excellence award is a personal triumph and a stepping stone toward future aspirations. It is a reminder that my efforts have borne fruit and an impetus to pursue even greater achievements in the future." 

Currently, Masuku is pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Animal Production at UMP, continuing her journey of academic excellence and professional development. “Moreover, this award instills a sense of responsibility and purpose. It encourages me to maintain high standards and continue pushing my boundaries. It also inspires me to be a role model for my peers, demonstrating that with dedication and hard work, academic success is attainable." 

UMPMasuku is registered for an Advanced Diploma in Animal Production.

Balancing academic responsibilities with social life, adapting to new environments, and managing time effectively were some of the challenges she faced. However, her ability to prioritise tasks, seek guidance and maintain a positive outlook helped her navigate these obstacles.

“Throughout my journey, I encountered various challenges, from balancing academic responsibilities with social life to adapting to new environments and managing time effectively. Each setback served as a learning opportunity, strengthening my resilience and determination." 

Her experience at UMP has been enriching, blending academic with social interactions and personal growth. Masuku immersed herself in diverse subjects, actively engaged with peers and professors, and embraced opportunities for self-improvement. 

As she embarks on the Advanced Diploma in Animal Production, Masuku aims to deepen her understanding and skills in animal care, with the ultimate goal of becoming a proficient veterinarian.

Story by Cleopatra Makhaga. Pictures supplied.