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08 March 2024

The Investiture of members of the SRC and CRCs is a formal ceremony at the University, marking the culmination of the process of electing student leadership. During this event, members of the SRC and CRCs are formally introduced to UMP's commitment to promoting student governance and leadership.

UMP Vice-Chancellor, Professor Thoko Mayekiso, praised the elected representatives for their selfless dedication to serving the students. She also underscored the importance of grasping UMP's vision, mission, strategic objectives, and values as they take on their roles in office.

"As you take up office, it is crucial to understand the vision, mission, strategic objectives, and values of UMP," she said, encouraging the newly inaugurated leaders to maintain a conducive learning environment while addressing issues assertively.

"It is imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of the context within which you operate – remaining mindful of the environment in which your constituency, the students, pursue their studies. As leaders of students, you must stay well-informed. Read extensively and discerningly, avoiding the propagation of conspiracy theories and falsehoods.

"The world has significantly shrunk, meaning that events elsewhere can reverberate and impact us directly. Students studying Economics, for instance, grasp how fluctuations in the dollar-rand exchange and crude oil prices can be influenced by global occurrences."

Professor Mayekiso added that being technologically adept is crucial, but exercising prudence in cyberspace is paramount.

"Your social media activity on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can profoundly affect lives and tarnish the University's reputation. Harness the Fourth Industrial Revolution positively to equip yourselves as student leaders. Additionally, exercise discretion and discernment when utilising tools like ChatGPT

Remain attuned to the challenges confronting our nation: soaring unemployment rates, the urgent need for entrepreneurs and innovators, and the pervasive scourge of poverty. Delve deeply into solving these issues; perhaps you'll be among those developing an app that enhances the quality of life for others. Be proactive problem-solvers and solution-seekers, addressing the pressing needs of our country."

UMPUMP Vice-Chancellor, Professor Thoko Mayekiso shared insights on leadership. 

She also stressed the importance of safeguarding UMP and being cautious with public statements. "Let us engage in robust discussion, agree to disagree, but when we represent UMP externally, let our voices unite. Speaking in unison helps to convey a positive image and contributes to the UMP brand," the Vice-Chancellor emphasised.

Professor Mayekiso recognised the difficulties inherent in serving on the SRC but reassured student leaders that UMP is always open to engagement. She encouraged respectful communication throughout their term.

“Our doors are always open to engage with the SRC. There is, therefore, no need to break and destroy – a conducive learning environment is in our mutual interest.

“There may be times when you wish to raise matters sharply and robustly. In the process, never lose respect, or treat others with contempt. At UMP, we believe in reciprocity and mutual respect. Feel free to engage with me on matters of leadership, academic matters as well as motherly advice or guidance,” she concluded.

UMPSRC President Wandile Mabila speaking during the ceremony.


Speaking at the ceremony, SRC President Wandile Mabila acknowledged the significance of his role and outlined the SRC's commitment to being a proactive partner in the university's endeavours. 

“I want to express my gratitude for the trust you have placed in the SRC and its newly elected leadership. As the President of the SRC, I understand the significance of the role bestowed upon me and the responsibilities it carries. As we embark on this academic year, the SRC is committed to being a proactive partner in the university's pursuits. We aim to facilitate meaningful dialogue, ensuring that the perspectives of the student body are considered in the decision-making processes that shape the trajectory of our institution.”

Mabila further emphasized facilitating meaningful dialogue, ensuring student perspectives in decision-making, and contributing to the university's long-term goals.

“Our vision extends beyond immediate concerns, focusing on enhancing quality education, promoting diversity, and fostering holistic student development.”

The SRC President expressed privilege in leading a dedicated team and anticipated collaboration with UMP Management. He assured the initiation of various projects aligning with the university's strategic objectives, and welcomed guidance and support from university officials. 

In closing, Mabila said: We appreciate the support and guidance from the University, and look forward to a productive and collaborative partnership.”

Story by Cleopatra Makhaga. Pictures ChrisplPhoto.