School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Welcome message from the Head of School

Prof July Sibanyoni  
The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management provides quality education in hospitality management programmes by creating an intellectual, collaborative, ethical and inclusive environment for students, staff, industry, and the community to produce innovative educational, leadership and research opportunities. Students learn from a comprehensive set of core requirements and practical experiences that prepare them for a variety of careers in hospitality and tourism management. The School offers practical oriented courses, through the iconic state-of-the-art teaching facilities and four-star Boutique Hotel and Conference Centre, thereby offering a progressive learning platform that fosters entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation. Highly skilled lecturing staff ensure that students receive the latest transfer of skills which enables them to face present and future challenges of the industry in South Africa as well as abroad. Programmes are developed and updated in close cooperation with industry to ensure they are relevant to the industry.
In pursuit of teaching excellence, the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management uses various innovative teaching methods and adopts lab-based approaches to learning. Interactivity and continuous two-way communication between lecturers and students is deeply embedded in teaching and represents the basis of course delivery in the school. Observations, reflection journals, mind maps, role playing, group assignments, simulations, lab work, written/oral/mixed media projects, problem-solving opportunities (case study analysis), discussions, thematic debates, reflection journals, inquiry-based learning, the use of multimedia and technological solutions in presenting student work, are standard methods of teaching in the School of Hospitality and Tourism.
The school of hospitality and tourism management is advancing teaching, learning and research, inspiring a new generation of passionate, pioneering professionals to take their positions as leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry.


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